Sliding Window

  • Turna retractable insect screens are easily plug in any size and type of doors, windows.
  • Strong pleated mesh with guy ropes are giving more durability against strong winds.
  • Turna retractable insect screen secured by a patent perfectly stops insects and flies with special wicks.
  • Aluminium frame thickness is 1mm so it allows to work up to 2mt with one flag.
  • Mesh is made from %60 fiber so it has longer life in every climate.
  • Thanks to the large frame of luxurious series the product can be applied into glass balcony systems.
  • System designed for one frame model so stock and wastage cost reduce.
  • Mesh folding range is 15mm, it is more decorative and transparent and its durability gets higher against strong winds.
  • The system does not contain any bows etc. so it provides stability at certain amounts whenever you want and it does not make any noise while working.
  • Ball bearings sliding on the special tracks provide to use the system more comfortably.
  • Decorative designs with wide range of colours and paterns are in an harmony with every frame.
  • The system which does not require to be dismantled even in the winter is guaranteed for 2 years in case of using every type of climate.
  • Turna’s insect screens can be transported in a demounted way and can be easily installed.
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