We, MRC Foreign Trade Ltd is founded in Izmir, the harbour city connecting the Aegean region of Turkey to the rest of the world. With its multiple harbours, strategic location and proximity to Anatolia and the Mediterranean, Izmir finds itself in the center of foreign trade and enjoys being one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Thanks to our highly experienced, yet young and dynamic team of professionals, we are able to provide to our global customers and the market the unmatched industrial, mineral and agricultural produce of this unique region.


  • 8500 years of continuous life
  • An important port city in the Eastern Mediterranean region, on the route of Ancient Silk Road, which connects Asian and European continents together
  • A great logistical location in the intersection of Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea
  • With a population of 4 million people – 3rd biggest city of Turkey
  • The leader city of the Aegean Region from commerce to industry, from education to art, from tourism to health in all areas
  • Multi-sector structure as a result of the multi – identity structure
  • Strategic geographical location, favorable climate, fertile soil, infrastructure facilities and well educated graduates and qualified labour force
  • According to  Global Metro Monitor 2014 Report prepared by Brookings Institute and JP Morgan Chase, 2nd fastest developing city of the world



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